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In October, the New York office of the Drug Policy Alliance and the Office of Academic Engagement hosted an influential conference, entitled White Faces, Black Lives: Race and Reparative Justice in the Era of A “Gentler War on Drugs.” Scholars and advocates - some of the most prominent thought leaders on health and drug policy - shared their research and perspectives on historical responses to drug use, the continuation of drug war tactics in some communities, the persistent criminalization of Black and Brown drug users, and the current political shift to a public health approach.

This video captures powerful moments by our speakers.

When it comes to the drug war, it is America that needs a second chance. The blame belongs to the nation that criminalized substance use, liberally doling out punishment to those who needed care.
If Black lives mattered, today’s overdose crisis would be ameliorated by decades of public health policies focused on reducing stigma and promoting treatment over punishment.
The renewed focus on issues around drugs and treatment is encouraging, but it is gut-wrenching for people in communities of color in New York to watch as new resources come to white communities...